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Apr. 06, 2015

Know what the sales promotion is, what the characteristics that distinguish it are, what types of target audience are and what its objectives and tools are. Modern marketing requires more than developing a good product establish an attractive price and make it available to your target customers.

Companies must also communicate with them, and what they say should never be left to chance. To have good communication, companies often hire companies offering magic online marketing services to develop effective ads, sales promotions specialists who design sales incentive programs and public relations firms that will create a corporate image. They also train their salespeople to be friendly, helpful and persuasive. However, for most companies, the question is not whether to have a communication, but how much to spend and how.

A modern company operates a complex system of marketing communications have communication with their intermediaries, consumers and various publics. Intermediaries, in turn, communicate with consumers and their audiences. Consumers have voice communications with each other and with other audiences. Throughout this process, each group feeds back to everyone else.

Sales promotion is a tool of the mix or mix of promotion that is used to support advertising and personal selling, so that the mixture is much more effective communication. This means that while advertising and personal selling are the reasons why you should buy a product or service, sales promotion gives the reasons why you should buy as soon as possible.

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