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Easy Media Network offers organic search engine optimization(SEO) and link building services globally.


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Easy Media Network LLC is a fast growing online venture providing excellent internet marketing and online promotion services to help any size businesses around the world.


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Aug. 24, 2013

The importance of online visibility cannot be overemphasized in the tech savvy, e-business oriented market of today.  So you have your business all set up, excellent skills to deliver and have dished out a few thou on a jazzy website. That’s absolutely great! You have done all the right things. A website is truly the voice of your company. It tells the world that you have arrived and markets your capabilities and your products. But of what use is a voice if it isn’t heard? Of what use is a website if it isn’t seen!?

Simply put, online visibility tools make you and your company visible online. It guarantees visibility that can tangibly be measured by a growing organic traffic directed to your website. Basic Marketing specialized to creating a web presence! These tools are varied and have worked wonders for firms online. Here is an insight into some of these online marketing tools.

Search Engine Optimization

How many pages of the Web Search suggestions do you browse if you are looking for a restaurant near your home? It is highly unlikely that you will even scroll down the webpage to get to the bottom. You pick the one at the top of the list. As established, the core of internet marketing is to see that your company name gets there – the top of the list.  Search Engine Optimisation is the rule to achieving online visibility. To achieve a top 10 search engine ranking is the goal. Many firms are opting to leave this task in the capable hands of professional search engine optimization companies that ensure reliable and guaranteed SEO services.

Web browsing now fits more into the hand of a professional on the move than an office confined PC. SEO is making a more personalized entry into Mobile SEO services. The main tool used herein is a responsive web design that facilitates.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is no more just a pastime nor is it just a way to connect with friends. It has become the lifeblood of e-business. Face to face marketing is the most effective, of course. But if you are looking to globalize your business, it isn’t too convenient to keep hopping from country to country is it. Social networking combines the both by ‘humanizing’ the company. It tells the story of the company and its relevance to customers in a fascinating and appealing way through engagement. Social Bookmarking, Press Release distribution, Local Search Optimization, Blog Marketing , Directory Submission and Viral Marketing.

Of particular interest, is the Press Release Distribution segment of online marketing services? How often is it that you launch a new product, refine an aspect of service, expand your capabilities and bag a big client? A lot of work goes into this and it deserves to be NEWS! Press Release distribution services ensure that your news is big not only to you but to the global web audience. It is an effective PR tool that posts your announcements and achievements as press release submissions through reputed directories globally. Easy Media Networks is one of the speedily evolving companies and is carving a niche for itself in the PR distribution services segment. It is emerging as one of the best press release distribution services and social media marketing companies.

Apart from these two facets of online marketing, also noteworthy is the article marketing services which is a very effective tool that utilizes keyword rich articles that are SEO-Centric to ensure a constant and directed visibility online. Online Reputation Management is also gaining momentum which concentrates on building and maintaining the online reputation of a firm.

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