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Feb. 11, 2015

The concept of link marketing emerged as the worldwide web became a virtual quagmire for people selling all sorts of things online. With the number of commercial web sites increasing exponentially each day, it became increasingly harder for the average small business to survive. Thus, the concept of link marketing was born. It is important to advertise your links because that is the only way you can increase your link popularity. And increase in your link popularity means increased page ranking. What is the use of a stunning website, if no one knows about it?

There are two methods of link marketing. One is a free method, but it is a very lengthy and tedious process. The other is paid link marketing, which can be effective but is also quite expensive. If you have enough time and less money to spend on your website, there are several online resources that offer website advertising free link suggest facility. Even though it could take weeks or months to you in link marketing your website manually, the results you might get could be worth the effort. However, the downside of this method is that the process is very time consuming. You also need lots of patience to see real results because such websites take time in reviewing the links you have submitted.

Here is a word of caution for starters. Do not waste your time submitting your sites with low PR because that will not help your site’s Page Ranking either. Keep away from sites with no PR, because Google might have banned them. Unfortunately, you might also be banned for associating yourself with the wrong friends, which is the truth on the internet as it is in life.

If you are serious about link marketing, you should hire the services of a professional Search Engine Optimization marketing company. Professional search engine optimization companies provide sponsored link marketing at minimal charges without the risk of being banned by search engines. Neither do you have to wait for months to see the results. Specialized website link marketing cost can be high, in case you want to place text link ads in websites with good Page Rank and specialized content. Some websites also offer visitors the option to add advertising balloon link and banner link for free or for a minimal cost.

Whether you are paying for link marketing or not, one cannot over-emphasize its importance in Internet marketing today. There are also other methods of increasing link popularity without cost. It is by trading or exchanging links with website for free. For example, if you submit your website link to a website, you are also required to display the link of your partner website on your website. This form of link marketing is called link exchanging or reciprocal linking.

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