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Mar. 22, 2014

Anyone who has ever built a website knows that directory submission is the next step in ensuring that a well-built site will enjoy a lot of visitors. Sure, you want to be certain that you have put the proper meta tags in place, have your keywords set up correctly, and also placed a few links ready to go on your pages, but by and large it is the directory submission that oftentimes determines if your site will sink or swim. Since this is such a vital step in the lifecycle of a website – and the site owner’s business –, there are numerous free directory submission services available on the Internet. Free directory submission sites promise to put your site on the web search engines and all you need to do is add your URL to the page.

This kind of directory submission is entirely automated, and as such is virtually useless for inclusion into the larger search engines. Certainly, you will still be had to having your free directory submissions done to a bunch of tiny search engines that hardly anyone has heard of or even used, but the return for this privilege is steep as you are required to furnish an email address. You will very soon be found on virtually any spammer’s list and receive a flurry of emails of the most undesirable kinds.


In simple words, when you have chosen a directory submission website, it is well worthy to firstly check what kinds of articles the directory welcomes to include in it. An ideal directory is the one that favors articles that are succinct and sketch out your business products/ services or type of information you want to advertise with specific keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your website. The rule of the thumb is to choose always one reputable directory submission website, which covers quality articles and other interesting features. On the other hand, choosing multiple directory submission resources for posting articles/blogs will let the search engine to consider you as spam and consequently may not include your contents in the natural results list.

As such, directory submission is pretty much what you pay for. While free web directory site submission of the automated kind is one sure way of not getting your site noted by Google, the purchase of professional directory submission software is highly recommended. This kind of directory submission is akin to the tax returns prepared with professional software and as such promises the most advanced directory website submissions possible. Of course, if you do want to go the manual route, submit an ad for your site on e-zine directories – there is a free e-zines submission directory – or, if you site pertains to gardening, consider a manual directory submission to a free garden directory. Submissions to specific sites need to fit into the general genre the directory is promoting, so make sure that your search engine directory submission is germane to the subject matter.

Many other free directories, such as an online shopping directory, will accept free submissions, but keep in mind that your submission will most likely quickly go to the bottom of the page when others list their sites. For the best internet solutions, directory submission should be undertaken by a service that specializes in reaching the big sites. If you do choose to purchase the software, make sure that you take a look at the website directory submission software reviews posted by actual users before you buy!


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