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Jan. 29, 2015

To have great success in a business, the businessperson must employ different advertising techniques to make their brand known. Advertising is a key thing since it helps spread the word about what types of services and products the business offers. Without a good advertising scheme, potential customers would not know that the company even exists as an option.

Depending on the type of product or service being offered, the advertising techniques that a business employs will vary. There are so many venues in which a business may market that the possibilities are almost endless. A company may advertise by word of mouth, in print, on billboards, on television, on radio, and on the Internet.

Target Marketing Techniques

Many companies that are online use target internet marketing service, which increases the likelihood of reaching customers who would be interested in the company’s product. It saves time, energy, and money by addressing customers who may already be interested in a company’s current services and products. Sometimes, such marketing gimmicks are used on a company’s current customer list.

Types of Techniques

There are at least 12 marketing tricks that a business may choose to work with. Marketing can take the form of emailing, infomercials, television commercials, polling, sampling, propaganda, public relations, product placement, sponsorship, publicity, sales promotion, and underwriting.


One of the most infamous advertising techniques is propaganda. While it is generally associated with more sinister things, propaganda may be perhaps the most commonly used advertising technique available. Propaganda includes the elements of assertion, bandwagon, card stacking, glittering generalities, lesser of two evils, name calling, pinpointing the enemy, plan folks, simplification (also known as stereotyping), testimonials, and transfer.

Assertion and Testimonials

The most common marketing propaganda technique is assertion. This technique is basically an enthusiastic, positive statement that is presented as true fact, but is not necessarily true. The implications of such statements are that they should be accepted as fact without question or conflict.

Another common advertising technique within the scope of propaganda is the use of testimonials. These are statements, quotations, or endorsements of a particular service or product that promote it in a positive way. Many companies use well-known, respected people or celebrities when engaging in this advertising technique.

Finding the Right Technique

There are numerous forms of promotional gimmicks. It is best to work with a marketing expert or agency to determine which will work best for your particular company. While many companies employ a marketing department, they may also outsource the agencies to come up with the most creative advertising techniques possible.

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