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Oct. 20, 2015

We talked about SEO Mistakes in a previous article, now we're going to look at how to attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

There are 3 strategies to getting visitors. No more. No less. You can pull people (PULL), push people (PUSH), or you can use the product to get people to your site. 

These are the 3 P's for obtaining visitors. 

The first way to get visitors to your site is pulling them. This means you must give a reason to visit you. You must entice them, encourage them and attract them to you. Offer a free ebook, for example, it would be a way to get people to visit your site to download. 

The push strategy, as its name suggests, is a little more aggressive. Instead of attracting people, you should go for them and push them to your site. Someone may want to see a YouTube video, but can not do it until you see five seconds of your advertisement. You must go out and find them on the web to bring them directly to your site. 

Infographic: Best Times of Day to Post on Social Media

The third way traffic on your site is done through the product itself. If you have invited friends to a new social network, then it is easy to understand how a product can be used for new traffic.

The three P's have the same level of importance to the growth hacking, and its proper use can bring great benefits for your company. Then we will see more tactics used to PULL strategy. 

For more top tips on how you can increase traffic in your website, take a look at this infographic from Who Is Hosting This.

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