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May. 19, 2017

It is not an out of the ordinary feature for Google to release updates in its algorithms and initiatives. Lately, it has come up with a groundbreaking initiative called Accelerated Pages (a.k.a. pages). The leading search engine was in the planning to release it and has today surfaced with the update. In this blog content, we at Easy Media Network deliver into the details of Accelerate Mobile Pages which will help you learn the FAQs such as, what Accelerated Mobile Pages are all about; How AMP is beneficial to you? Do you need to upgrade anything on your website to make it AMP friendly?

What Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP are all about?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are fundamentally created to offer a wonderful user experience on a mobile device. The framework the pages use is generally AMP HTML, which is a state-of-the-art and open framework. It enables to create hassle-free, available and custom-made web pages with faster loading speed for web pages. The AMP Project is comprised of four salient areas on which every publisher or company is required to pay attention if they feel an urge to earn ROI through advertising or subscriptions.

AMP Salient Areas are:


- Advertising

- Analytics

- Subscriptions

- Content Formation and Innovation

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What are the benefits of AMP?

Utilizing a range of tools and functionalities, this AMP project will grant you absolute control over ad positioning, let you view the ability and scope for an enhanced user experience to mobile users.

AMP project open source tactic enables publishers to have maximum control and spotlight on sizable content for superb user experience by trimming down the endeavors of content distribution.

The AMP is inherent with inherent native support for Google Analytics and Google will also evaluate the AMP traffic as regular web pages. This evidently directs to the fact that faster loading pages will help you acquire a maximum number of page views and users, thus facilitating users to witness more number of ads as a result.

Plus, the previous year, Google had rolled out their algorithm which already gives the explanation that Google is reckoning with the mobile web page load speed and made it as a key factor in giving a rank to its website. Now Google has taken one more step forward with their recent Accelerated Mobile Pages project to enhance the mobile web experience for enhanced user engagement and retention. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages project also leverage SERPs and deliver benefit to publishers in organic Mobile Search Rankings as a result of webpage speed and compatibility to mobile.

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