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Sep. 15, 2015

Mobile SEO Tips


This is part of series called Search Engine Optimization 

Mobile use has had an incredible growth in 2014 and all indications are that 2015 will continue to grow, so it becomes increasingly important to optimize the SEO of your website for mobile. 

There are many points to consider when optimizing a website for mobile: Do I need to make a website for mobile or responsive enough with design? Does the duplicate content is a problem? How I can make my mobile website is fully accessible to Google?

Mobile SEO rules are different from the usual SEO, what are they? In Easy Media Network's how to do SEO for mobile.


#1. Ideally: Responsive Design

Google strongly recommend this option: it is about designing websites so that the user can access all content without problems, regardless of the device they are using. HTML and CSS use the same for the different versions, the load time is faster and the design is adapted to the screen size. Another option is to create a mobile version of the web, in which case the SEO is much more important.


#2. Avoid Features That Require Special Supplements 

The aim is to avoid user frustration at not being able to access certain types of content such as videos. The clearest example is the Flash supplements that do not play in the post-iPhone or Android 4.1 versions.


#3. Use Shorter Titles And Descriptions 

Detects which pages of your website to have more visits from mobile and shortens their title tags (changes to 60 characters) and description (100 characters passed) are.  From Moz on: mobile optimization

From Moz on: mobile optimization 


#4. It Includes Specific Keywords

Users perform multiple searches when they do from their mobile devices: in many cases refer to places or traveling. It includes keywords like "activity + location".   Submit a Sitemap  If you have a mobile version of your site, upload your mobile sitemap through Google Webmaster Tools. Google will index the web faster and more effectively.


#5. Page Speed

Another key issue for mobile SEO is that the website loads quickly on the device. To achieve this, avoid redirects, and CSS simplifies javascrit actions, it gives priority to the most relevant information (text), and take advantage of HTML5. Also optimizes the size of the images to load faster.  In the mobile version it is fundamental. You have to control over the entire weight of the images. The faster your website load better for visitors and to position. 

From Google on: building smartphone-optimized websites

Definitely do not be scared with what you hear. For now Google will not penalize your website if it is not optimized for mobile phones. Adapt your website for mobile devices not only to get better positioning but also a better user experience. Use all the tools that Google offers to solve the problems that prevent your site optimized for mobile devices. 

If you need to improve the SEO of your website, you'll want our SEO services

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