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SEO Tips and Tricks

This is part of series called Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is an effective and efficient way to get our site shown on the first page of search engines like google and in this article I'll present some tips to make the process of placing your site even easier.

Google is a search engine very intelligent information. When we look for information on google, this pulls us his first 10 results probably found what we search for. The trend has been maintained over the years, it is that anyone searching for something, has a tendency to click on the first pages of search results and this is how that traffic remains juicy. That's why people work hard every day to position itself in the first pages of Google, and to appear on this list of 10 means get much traffic and more website traffic usually means more clicks on the ads or more direct sales. Everything depends on the advertising system we have on our site, but the idea is to get that traffic is basically maintained in the first three pages of Google.

The first 3 places on the first page of search results provide the most traffic for the pages. So place yourself at No. 3 top ten of google has to be your major and large target.

1 - Choosing the right keywords

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. It all starts with the keyword. It is important to do some research on what keywords are being used in the search engines so you know which ones to choose. It is not making assumptions.

If you choose the incorrect keywords, you may be faced with tough competition from the other pages that are already well positioned with that same keyword you chose incorrectly.

Choosing the wrong term means jump into the abyss and that we can rarely show up in the first page, especially if our website is pretty new. In short, never, but we can never position ourselves in the first pages. So make sure you make a very good keyword research.

Additionally, without having proper analysis, you could end up with a keyword that is not going to offer much traffic. Position yourself with a keyword at number 3 of the google search results is what everyone wants, but what if that keyword gives you only 10 queries a month? This by much will not help you at all.

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2 - Offers Relevant Information

If you are a person who is dedicated to learning about SEO, you have probably read or heard the term "Content is King". This is correct in some way. Giving quality content on your site is the most effective you can do to attract more audience.

The content should also be directly related to the niche of your website. This is essential. For people who spend some time on your website, you need to bring them the information they are searching for. Never try to focus on the content of your articles on sales, remember that the real purpose of an article is to be informative and of high-quality.

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If you plan to sell something, do it selflessly at the end of each article manner. It presents the products but do not force anybody to purchase, just focus on providing good information and facts to your audience. Then they will see if they purchase or not what you show them.

3 - Avoid at all costs the abuse of Black Hat methods

With new algorithms of Google, We would suggest that you focus only on the practice of White Hat, especially in the case of creating backlinks. There are many programs or software out there that guarantee to build thousands of backlinks to your site within hours. Avoid these programs as if they were a plague. This is what's called spam links building to your website and you just let headaches.

Remember this well: The amount of links pointing to your site, it is not as essential as the high quality of them. Be very careful about purchasing links online. Be sure to change your links and anchor text when you are building the backlinks for your website.

Another very effective recommendations are not to use too many keywords in your content. The excessive use of keywords may on optimizing the content and that is frowned upon for google. Focus on writing content for your audience, using few keywords or repeat rarely keyword and you never approach in the search engines.

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In short, to end this short article, we could say that the most important would be: -

- Proper keyword research
-To publish original content of high quality and very relevant.
-Avoid the "excess" techniques or Black Hat SEO practices.

With these tricks and tips, you'll save a penalty from google and remember that you always have to be right on these issues By upgrading.

You have good results with your websites using or implementing these tips.

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