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Oct. 12, 2015

app store optimization

This is part of series called Search Engine Optimization.

More and more companies develop apps, either as the central part of your business or, rather, as a new form of communication with their customers. But having an attractive and well-crafted mobile application which fulfills its purpose perfectly, does not ensure that the user accesses the download. And it will find many applications in Google Play, Amazon App Store and the Windows Phone Store that is difficult to find precisely the company in question.

As to highlight a web page, above the competition in search engines through SEO positioning; for mobile applications there is the ASO position: work several aspects of the app to make it more attractive face to the store where it was displayed and get users find it through search terms (keywords).

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) is to optimize a mobile application, in order to give more visibility and get thus increase the number of downloads in stores apps (Google Play, in the App store and in the Windows Store Phone, depending on the smartphone or tablet operating system). The way to do is to upload each application to the top positions with regard to the search terms.

In order to achieve the goal, it is first necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of who is a potential customer of a particular application (who will perform the download). Focus on keywords that will be used to find an application characteristic that is being offered.

It is essential to develop work of this nature, if you want to highlight an application, above its competition. And, although 63% of smartphone users download applications through the Apps store, there are over 2 million applications in the market and every day, 2,700 more appear. Despite these figures, most developers do not invest money or time in ASO strategies for positioning your app. Therefore, other companies are using these search engine optimization methods are winning the battle and getting thousands of downloads a day.

How do App Store Optimization

As in the App Store Optimization (ASO) for a good positioning of a mobile application must take into account internal factors (On Metadata or On Page) and external factors (Metadata or Off Page).

1 - Factors On Metadata

They are related to the content, images or videos of the demonstration app.

Title. As in any SEO strategy; the ASO, content is king. Therefore, it is necessary to find a title that is sufficiently descriptive to help users understand what the app, nothing to read. As for its length, it is best to try to make it as short as possible, but, as there are various screen sizes, you can not specify what number of characters is best. It is essential to enter the keywords in them, but carefully, so as not going to be penalized by the search engine, by the repetition of meaningless keywords.

Description. Those who work with websites or blogs know the importance of the meta description for ranking. With applications the same thing happens a better description, clear and concise, the user can feel more attracted to the purchase or download. The description is used to tell the user what the app offers, in a nutshell (the limit is 4,000 characters in Google Play).

Keywords . Are the terms by which the app will appear in search results. In fact, they are the basis of App Store Optimization (ASO) and, therefore, must be chosen carefully. We must include them in all possible sections, but with moderate use, giving more importance to quality than quantity.

Icon. Besides being the first image that the user will have the app, you see, every day, in your device, in case of downloading (and that, already, "forced" to be careful), you should explain the use the app. It is best not to look to another app (to avoid mistakes). For its design, best to have a professional.

Screenshot of the application. Visual sensations help decide on an app or another, so choose well what you want to show to prospective buyers is critical: the difference between the user an app download or skip to the next.

Category. Although it seems obvious, one can not forget to point out the proper category when an app is uploaded to the store. And many are those who think that putting it in many or most visited categories will get more downloads: but it is not, but the will and if does not meet their needs; they did not buy, so it is best to note the correct category.

Video demonstration of the app. For several months, Google Play lets you link the download page for the mobile application with a video demonstration on YouTube. If the image is important, it is to explain to users running the app through a video. Usually, a one-minute video is enough and grows the App Store Optimization application considerably.

Google Plus. It is also unique to the Play Store, but bear in mind that, today, Android devices are the most numerous. Google lists all tools and allows applications to +1 that are in the store, plus users can leave comments on your personal profile on the app.

2 - Factors Off Metadata

They are related to user feedback regarding the app.

Ratings of the application. All apps have a section to be assessed, typically, from 1 to 5. If a user encounters an application with many reviews (and good), it is easier to download it. The application will occupy a position in the shop will depend on these ratings.

Comments. Users may comment on the application, what they like and what not. These views would enhance the ASO positioning of an app, the developer used to realize the strengths and weaknesses of your creation and correct any errors.

Downloads. This is a determining factor in the app stores: they understand that the most downloaded.

Link Building. If you talk of an app on a website, it has relevance in App Store Optimization. In addition, it better be on a site with high traffic (more people will see the review).

Links to applications from the Google result page. The search is already adding shortcuts to download applications from the same results page links. It is important to get that put the app developed there, both to improve the ASO to see grow as the number of downloads. 

In conclusion… Make a mobile application implies work to commercialize and to this end, we must make it visible in the download stores. Once completed, the upload to the store On Metadata factors, optimizing them must be taken into account; it is also necessary to develop actions Off Metadata, to make it known to users, help and encourage those who have already downloaded their opinion on it.

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