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Sep. 07, 2015

The 10 Biggest SEO Mistakes Brands Make

Proper optimization for the search engines your website is a key if you want to get organic traffic from the search engines. While it is true that you can get visits from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it is shown that one of the best sources of traffic is organic.
Today, with just a simple search on Google you will find thousands of sites which give advice on how to better optimize your content in order to achieve a better positioning on search engines.
However ... Why then many fail to position their sites even close to the first page of Google?
Here are some of the mistakes that many people make while trying to optimize their sites for search engines:  
#1. 301 Redirects Error
301 redirects are used when someone is doing a link to a page of your site that no longer exists or is wrong. If someone visits your site through that link, it displays a relevant page on the site, instead of the error page. This helps the user experience and can improve the rate of rebound.
#2. Use Underscores Instead Of Hyphens In URLs 
When making a new website, many developers use default low hyphens to separate words, this may also be because many programming languages scripts reserved for other purposes.  
Bad !! http://www.example/abc_xyz/zyz_in_abc
Well !!

In the case we have a huge website, that change all URLs can be a pain, but if we have the time and inclination is worth it, but if not, to consider this advice in a future, we will have taken a step.  
#3. Use The Rel = Canonical On The Front Page Of a Page
Another common mistake that often occurs is found in the use of the page, where we have a number of pages and introduce the rel = canonical tag on page 2 (or any other to the back page) pointing to page 1. Use This canonical in this situation would be to block indexing of page 2 onwards.
For correct page the best option is to use the tag rel = "next" and rel = "prev".  
#4. Duplicate Titles  
Sometimes when you analyze a website, I found with pages with the same title. It is important to remember that the titles must be unique for each page and that can not be duplicated.  
#5. Duplicate Content
Do not copy and paste content from other websites. Search engines penalize copied or duplicated content, so you should make sure your content is unique and original.  
Just write descriptive content that helps your potential customers to make a purchase decision.  
#6. Optimize Page Load Time
The loading speed of your website is a factor that directly affects your ranking. If this is not sufficient reason to optimize, it can also affect bounce rates, conversions and user experience.
There are many ways to speed up your Web, such as JavaScript and CSS compression, optimizing your images and using the browser cache storage.
#7. Make Your Website Mobile-friendly  
Earlier this year Google announced that valued more websites that are optimized for smartphones and tablets.
#8. Problems With Hosting
In trying to reduce costs, sometimes we seek economic alternatives hosting. But sometimes what you pay, and we can find problems such as system crashes, lack of quality hosting, it is slow, it is not optimized, lack of support or even the possibility of leaving no access to the site.  
To avoid this error in SEO SERP’s, the ideal is to hire companies who have their own servers and not subcontracted.
#9. Do Not Have An XML Sitemap
It is something that many web developer / webmaster’s forget: you have to create an XML sitemap to Google know the basic structure of your site and you can index quickly. Only then will the search adding new pages to go running.
#10. I Want Everything Immediately  
Finally, a viable and sustainable SEO strategy must consider the medium to long term. The results can be expected and take several months before you really notice, but the result will ultimately be more stable and less expensive than an advertising campaign. Ultimately, the key to good SEO positioning are: providing quality content, make a constant optimization, and above all, never forget that SEO is constantly evolving. Besides all this, a mobile-friendly view of your website, and viewable on any device help your website climb in the rankings more easily ...


But remember, if you do not have time to review all the SEO Errors of your site, you can always contact us and we'll help. What do you think?

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